Monday Music

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Today is the 5th of July and I am off to celebrate the 4th since it was my normal day off.  When I think about songs that express to me what America is really about, my first thought is John Mellencamp’s Pink Houses.

Thursday Theater

One of my favorites on LOST was the amiable con man Sawyer.  I was amazed about the amount of books that he read during the six seasons of the show, but his ability (the writer’s actually) to find nicknames for everyone.  Here is a compilation of them.


Monday Music

Way back in the day, this was one of my favorite songs.  I really like the lyrics and hope this is how my relationship is with Ruth Ann.  At one point I bought the 12 inch single of this song on vinyl and used to play it on our turntable.  click on the album cover to hear the song.

Monday Music-First Day of Summer

Click here to hear Cheeseburger in Paradise

On the first day of summer(although you would not know it by the weather here) what better music to highlight than the man whose music just screams summer.  Jimmy Buffett, a man whose music refuse to be easily categorized into a genre.  I first heard Jimmy way back in 1977 as I headed to Mexico for a mission trip.  I have been a Parrothead ever since, I finally attended my first Jimmy Buffett concert the last time he was in Portland.  It was a pretty good concert, but I am not going this year, cause it will just be the same songs again.  I had the t shirt at left until it wore out, now the design is in an embroidery hoop on the wall of my den.  When the boys were growing up we would always turn the song up and everyone would sing along.  It is a fun song, if you want to hear it click on the logo.  I like mine with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes, big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer.

Monday Music

Every so often David and I get in this conversation about bands where the name of the band, the name of an album and the name of a song are all the same.  The first one I ever remember was in high school Bad Company performing their hit Bad Company from their album Bad Country.

Up, over, around, and home

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  A different life I hope in some ways.  Today I weigh in at about 333 pounds.  My doctors tell me I need to be around 200 pounds.  I got up at 5AM today and went walking from 5:22-5:55.  Usually when I was walking before I observed my surroundings, today it was all about just getting through the walk, today the only time I paid attention to details was when there was something in my way, or I crossed the street.  I think in all that time I took I walked about a mile and a half.  I want to get up every morning and walk (eventually run) and get down to 200 pounds.  It will help my body feel better, give me more energy and allow me to be around to annoy my sons for many years to come.  I want to be able to run a 5K and pretend that I am running with Pre, Shorter and Wottle.  Usain Bolt is way too fast for me too even pretend to run with.