What A Weekend

It has been a weekend of extremes. A wedding and a memorial service in the same day. Friday, I worked from 6:30 AM to 11:30 AM, then drove up to Mt. Hood and dropped off a group of high school guys for a backpack trip (3 hour trip), then went to a wedding rehearsal. After the rehearsl I got to talk to my best bud Scott for about an hour on the phone, I always feel blessed after taking to him. Saturday I went to the wedding of Mr and Mrs Paul Somers, the bride was a friend that we have known most of her life. It was a wonderful service. Then I went to the reception and told Ruth Ann that I was going to the memorial service for the father of some old friends of ours. I went out to Gresham and talked to Mag at the memorial service for his father.
I was struck by how as we celebrate the start of a new life together, we also mourn the loss of another. We know that we will see Ray again in heaven, but there is still a hole in our life that can’t be healed while we are still here on earth.
It was fun at the wedding to work alongside Mark MacLurg in the sound booth. Mark’s parents Allan and Cindy MacLurg had led the college group at our old church, when I was in it years ago. Marc was born while they were the leaders. Cindy told me they had pictures of me holding Mark. Life goes on.
It was good to see so many old friends at both the wedding and the memorial service and deliver salutations in all directions. On the phone Scott and Kelly told me to say hi to Mag and Lynn. Then at the wedding Allan and Cindy told me to say hi to Mag and Lynn and Scott and Kelly. Then at the memorial service Mag and Lynn and Mike and Leah told me to say hi to Allan and Cindy and Scott and Kelly. So consider this the hello to everyone.

Cryin time again

I was just leaving a comment on my dear friend Kellys’ blog and I started to cry. It had nothing to do with her blog, all though we miss her and Scotty terribly. Yesterday I came from work and found that one of my 19 year old sons’ friends had hung himself. Dan said that he couldn’t sleep last night because everytime he closed his eyes he saw his friend. I haven’t told him but I sometimes have that problem of not being able to sleep. It is when I haven’t heard from Daniel in several days and have no idea where he is, I see him on a cornorers slab. It might be different when he is not living at home and I don’t expect to see him daily. I love him and would miss him very much.
We have talked about the suicide and Dan feels that he would have some one to talk to if he got really depressed. Dan has hope for the future.
I flashed back to my graduation night as we talked. The three years I went to South Eugene High School was the longest time I had been at one school. I made a friend sometime while I was there named Dave Gallup, we had a bunch of classes together. I remember a picture that was taken of us in one class, with our feet up on a table while we listened to Mr. Paul. We decided that we would march into graduation together. Came the night of graduation and Dave never showed up, teachers kept telling me that he was stuck in traffic.
The next day I was listening to the radio when I heard the news. David had been rafting and fell out of his raft and his lifejacket brought him up under a rock and he drown.
I have told that story to Dan a bunch of times and he nows says that he understands how I was feeling.
Please pray for Dan, Crystal, Boomer and especially Carson.
I have to go hug my little boy. Actually my big man he’s 6 ft 4 inches tall and about 250.

Happy Birthday, Dukkie

dan 03 backpack
Nineteen wonderful years ago today Daniel Scott Richards was born. Just a year into our marriage came a wonderfully bright, creative, person. It has been encouraging to see him go from a relatively helpless babe to a huge strapping man. He thinks for himself and has challenged me many a time to consider why I think the way that I do. He has more artistic talent in one finger than I do in my entire being. I am glad to call him son, brother in the family of God and friend. Happy Birthday, Dan.

My Best Day

greatest dayIt was 20 years ago today
Not the day that Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play, but that Ruth Ann and I got married. It was the best day of my life because it gave me someone to talk to, to share with, to cry with, to rejoice with and to love unconditionally. Not every day since has been without heartache or sadness, but Ruth Ann has been there to share it with. Ruth Ann, I want to thank you for the hours you have spent before our father, asking him to help me become the man he wants me to be, thank you for helping with the boys, thank you for being supportive in my going back to school, no way I could have done it without you. Thank you for helping my wardrobe become something other than t-shirts, baby blue shirts and navy blue pants. Thank you for helping by being encouraging when I was seeking a new job. Thank you for all the fun times we have had together. Thank you for being you. I LOVE YOU! I am looking forward to many more years together with you. Happy Anniversary, Bunny.DSC01272

Those closest

Why is that those I am the closest to are the ones that I get the most angry at. Last night the boys told me that they would have some stuff done before they went to bed. During the summer they usually go to bed after Ruth and I. I got up this morning to come to work and the stuff they had said they would do was only half done. Neither had good explanations. Really though in the greater scheme of things it doesn’t really matter, but I guess we are trying to train them that when they say they will do something that they follow through. I love them, but sometimes I am dissappointed and somethings they do upset me, when I know they shouldn’t and that I will miss them daily once they move out. Not soon I hope.

Everybody’s working this weekend

I am working for my friend Eric at his baseball card shop, Heaven Spent Sportscards, so that his family can go to the baseball all star game of one son. Dan is working at Farmers Market and/or sleeping/doing laundry/hanging out. Ruth Ann is working on a wedding for Sunday.
David is hanging out with his buddy Sol Ediger.

Today was another day of sorting items at work. We are gearing up to go through 300 crates of material this weekend. It will be interesting to see what Central Library has sent us. They have some material that is really old. Some of the stuff they send us is really cool.

We started to watch Finding Neverland but Ruth Ann had to go sew for the wedding this Sunday. Dan and I had already seen it. Once again Johnny Depp gives a masterful performance, without any real oddity, just a really imagnitive mind that was ahead of his time. I didn’t use to like Johnny, cause I thought he was just a pretty face from 21 Jump Street. I was wrong he is a great actor. I have a idea that there are two kinds of people who are in movies, there are MOVIE STARS and there are actors. Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin are movie stars, when you see them you realize that it is them pretending to be someone else. Johnny Depp is an actor, you relate to the character not the actor. Harrison Ford used to be an actor but has become a movie star. Nicole Kidman is a movie star who is trying to be an actress. Good luck. There is a writer corollary to this theory that I will tell you about sometime.

Since we didn’t want to watch Finding Neverland, we watched The Lost Boys. An 80’s campy horror film starring everyone from the 80’s. This wouldn’t have been campy and would have been much better if Corey Feldman had not been trying to do some funky deep voice. Kiefer Sutherland is good as the leader of the lost boys, but the giveaway as to whom is the head vampire is pretty obvious if you know your vampire lore.

Well everyone else has gone to bed, I will follow after the news is over. Take care