And the winner is…

Kelly, Talena, Amanda, Libby and Cathy.  Since only you five commented I will send you each a autographed book and a Title Wave T-shirt.  All I need is your address and t-shirt size, send this information to me at [email protected]

Where have I been?

On May 16, 2007 we bought a house.  From then until May 30 we were packing, painting, moving and much more.  I didn’t pick up a book during that time cause we were so busy getting things done.  It is a little weird, here we are almost 50 and we just bought our first house.  We are still unpacking things.  We will be having an open house later this month.

20 times and counting

Eve tempts Adam

Today is Ruth Ann’s 29th birthday, she can be reached at [email protected] She was born in the bay area, Coos Bay, OR.
I first met her in July of 1972. While I was off in the Navy she was my best friend, I would call her and talk when I needed someone to talk to. I didn’t go home to visit my parents (they lived in a town I knew no one), I visited Ruth Ann and her family. We would go out the first night I was home and the second night I would make a big mistake. I’ll let her tell you about it some day. Then I got out of the Navy and we stayed friends. Then in 1985 she asked me to a birthday celebration and then two weeks later we were engaged. Then four months later we were married. Those that knew both of us said, “It’s about time” and those who knew only one of us said “Huh”.
We had known each other for 13 years by that time, now we have been married almost 21 years and she is still my best friend. Even best friends get angry, get disappointed and frustrated once in a while, but they still love one another. I am looking forward to spending another 34 years together with her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

My Pride and Joy

My son David Richards has his own website now. Thanks to web master extraordanaire Steve Carson, David will now be reviewing movies on line. You can check him out at He will be reviewing some movies before they even arrive in your local theatre as he goes to sneak previews before the movie is out. Hope you enjoy his take on movies.

Oh what a tangled web the blogoshpere is

Ok I know how I know Kelly, that is the Kellywell, but I don’t know Kellgarn. Kelly’s family is the first family that I introduced my wife to. It says much for her that she didn’t run screaming out of Portland. Wait that is wrong, Dennis and Cathy are very, very good friends and her brother Dan loaned us his name for our oldest son. Our oldest son is named Daniel Scott, and the Scott is after Kelly’s husband. We must have some kind of obsession with Kelly. Let’s see what else is there, oh yeah, my younger brother and Kelly graduated from Hi School together. I think that they even went to some formal event together.

On Kellys site I have figured out the Margi is Jenn’s Mom, but I haven’t figured out how Twyla knows Jenn. Then there is are Cathy and Lorraine who are web master Steve’s sister and wife. I have never met Cathy, but Lorraine also graduated from high school with my brother and I haven’t seen or talked to her since Scott and Kelly’s wedding.

Jenn and Charles are special to me because God spoke to me specifically about praying for them one day when I was on retreat. Ever since then they have on my heart and I pray for them.

Well later I am going to describe the place I work as per Twyla’s request. I hope you are as thoroughly confused as I am.

Cathi, my Cousin

Cathi and Rod

The young lady in the picture with me is my cousin Cathi Eifert. The event was her wedding in July of 2004. I had the privelge of walking her down the aisle for her marriage to Kurt Eifert. Cathi is the youngest cousin on my Dad’s side of the family and I am the oldest. Some how though we have always had a really strong connection with each other. She was the only cousins graduation that I attended out of 10 cousins. Even though we live, for now, on opposite coasts I can always count on Cathi to brighten my day, with some joke or picture she has found. I am looking forward to when we live closer together so we can celebrate our birthdays together.

Cathi, I am always thankful for your quick smile, your hearty laugh and your love. I am looking forward to being able to spend time with you again. I miss talking to you and seeing you smile.
Have a great day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Love, Rod