Fire and Forget, Short Stories from the Long War edited by Roy Scranton and Matt Gallagher; 2013; $15.99; 234 pages; Da Capo Press, Boston, MA; 978-0-306-82176-9; Short Stories; Checked out from Multnomah County Library, Gresham; 4/15/14-4/17/14

This is a collection of short fiction with the common theme of the war in Iraq.  These are mostly by veterans of the war and a military spouse, including one of the first woman to see combat in the United States military.  One of the stories is told in the style of the Choose Your Own Adventure books from the 80’s.  One of the stories was familiar as I had read it in Phil Klays’ Redeployment,  I had read books by several of the other authors during my recent reading of several books about the war in Iraq.


Did I like it?  Most of the stories were pretty good, however there were a couple that weren’t so good.

What is what with the title of the review?  Usually any collection of stories or of anything has its highs and lows and this collection definitely does.  Several of the stories are excellent but there are one or two which were not very good.