Runaway Stallion by Walt Morey; 1973; $5.50; 217 pages; E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc, New York, NY; purchased from Multnomah County Library, Title Wave Used Bookstore; 4/6/15-4/7/15

I had read Gentle Ben when I was in my teens and liked it a lot.  I found copies of it when my boys were younger and gave them each a copy of it.  I had never read anything else by Morey and when this came across my desk I decided I would read it.  Children’s book awards in the state of Oregon are named for Walt Morey, there is a school near here named for him and he lived in the area.  This is the story of a lad who’s family moves from the city to a small town outside Springfield, Oregon in the thirties or forties.  Kids still walk or ride their horses to school and attend a single room schoolhouse.  Into the small valley where Jeff lives comes a beautiful stallion that doesn’t seem to belong to anyone in the valley.  Jeff forms a bond with the stallion when he rescues him from a bog.  Jeff’s father insists on putting a advertisement in the paper to see if anyone claims the paper.  Jeff and his family have been outcast in the valley due to some misunderstandings amongst the close knit people of the valley.  Jeff and his family manage to find a way to break through the hard shell of the other people in the valley and Jeff gets a horse to call his own.


Did I enjoy it?  The story of Jeff and the stallion was good but that was just a part of the story of the insular world of the valley and how Jeff and his parents deal with the people who have an incorrect perception of them.

What is with the title of the review?  Come in for the story of a boy and his horse and find a story about complex human relationships.