Well 2017 is almost over and I know I won’t finish The Force by Don Winslow before the end of the year so I thought I would start my year end extravaganza (as Amanda Banker refers to it) today.

I read 74 books this year by 60 different authors.  I read 6 books by David Baldacci, 3 by Lee Child and 3 by Leslie Gould.  I read two books by Matthew Betley, Joshua Hood, Kyle Mills, Stephen King and James A. Owen.  I read 5 books by people I know, 1 by someone I went to High School with, and 1 whose partner is someone I knew growing up.

As far as ratings I use a typical A-F grading system.  This year I gave out 2 A+, 56 A, 10 B, 5 C and one I did not grade.