This movie, which many people, including some people in it, say is one of the worst movies of all time has generated an interesting conversation around our house.  Are some cover versions of songs better than the original.  Two or three songs in particular from this movie we think are better than the original.  I know that is almost sacrilegious to say about the Beatles.  I feel that Earth, Wind and Fire improved on Got to Get You Into my Life, so much that I don’t even remember the original.  Aerosmiths’ Steven Tyler had a voice better suited to sing Come Together than any of the Beatles.  Joe Perry and Crew brought the necessary swagger to the tune that has made it theirs.  Last but not least for me was Billy Prestons’ rendition of Get Back, Billy who had actually performed with the Beatles, had a lot of fun with the song and I like it better than the original.   Are there any cover songs that you think were better by the cover artist that the original.