Will Kate meet Stephanie, please God no!


The Job, A Fox and O’Hare Novel by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg; 2014; $28.00; 289 pages; Bantam Books, New York, NY; 978-0-345-54312-7; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Holgate; 3/26/15-3/27/15

Why did I pick this up?  Because I really enjoyed the first two books in the series.

FBI Special Agent Kate O’Hare and her partner international con man and art thief Nick Fox team up again to bring down a high profile cartel boss.  Using a crew that we are getting familiar with they first have to find him, since he has disappeared among rumors that he has completely changed his appearance.  He has surrounded himself with a crew including one very bad assed woman as his bodyguard.  The team first has to lure him out of hiding and play on his interest and vanities to take him down and destroy him financially.  The chemistry between Nick and Kate is really great as are the supporting characters.

Did I enjoy it?  If you want me to read or watch something tell me there is a elaborate heist and/or con involved and you have hooked me.

Grade A

What is with the title of the book?  Janet Evanovich is also the author of a series of novels starring a character named Stephanie Plum.  After twenty some books (which are all essentially the same) Stephanie hasn’t grown at all as a character, I hope the same fate doesn’t befall Kate and Nick.

Myron is not the stranger, but he is in the book.

harlanThe Stranger by Harlan Coben; 2015; $27.95; 386 pages; Dutton, New York, NY; 978-0525-95350-0;checked out from Multnomah County Library, Central; 3/25/15-3/26/15

Why did I pick this up?  Because I would like to read Harlan’s to do list.  The man concocts flat out top of the line page turners.

Adam Price is enjoying his life with his wife and two sons when a stranger steps up to him at the bar and tells Adam that his wife has lied to him.  Like a snowball going downhill gathering speed and growing bigger the plot moves on from that simple beginning.  The stranger and his crew are experts at finding your secrets on the internet and exploiting them for financial gain.  Adam’s wife disappears as the stranger spills more secrets some of which turn deadly.  Harlan has managed to meld four or five stories into one exciting stories.  One secret topples another like a trail of dominoes until no ones life will ever be the same.

Grade A

Did I enjoy it?  Yes like I said above I would read Harlan’s to do list cause it would be filled with mystery and disparate elements that would culminate in a great story.

What is with the title of the review?  Myron Bolitar is the star of a series of books by Harlan Coben.  He makes an un-named uncredited cameo in this book.

What can you say?

Freedom_for_the_Thought_That_We_HateFreedom For The Thought That We Hate, A Biography of the First Amendment by Anthony Lewis; 2007; $25.00; 221 pages; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Midland; 3/23/15-3/25/15

Why did I pick this up?  As an citizen of the United States I think this is one of the most important rights that we have.  I think it is being slowly taken away from us in a couple of different directions.

What is the story?  The author traces the history of the clause in the first amendment that prohibits Congress making any law to abridge our freedom of speech.  If this is one of the most important freedoms we have it has been under attack since the constitution was ratified.  Attacks have come from all sides and the courts have ruled differently throughout the years about what constitutes free speech and how much speech should be protected.  I think freedom of speech is being restricted through political correctness and speech is being bought by mammoth corporations.

Did I enjoy it?  Fair to middling, lots of good history but too much legalese.


What is with the title of the review?   Sometimes we have to be excessively careful what we say because of what others might think.

Grace and Truth

rivalryThe Rivalry, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain and the Golden Age of Basketball by John Taylor; 2005; $25.95; 421 pages; Random House, New York, NY; 1-4000-6114-8; checked out from the Multnomah County Library, Rockwood; 3/18/15-3/22/15

Why did I pick this up?  Russell and Chamberlain are the two centers that I remember watching growing up.

What is the story?  It is the stories of Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain’s live and how they were intertwined.  The story follows each of them from high school through retirement from the NBA.  One of them is pictured as being mainly concerned with team victories and the other above individual accomplishments. They both left behind a legacy that cemented those concerns.  One of them won multiple championships and the other left behind many individual records, one won 11 championship and the other holds 72 NBA records, (68 of them by himself).  It is an engrossing story of two men with very different personalities and what drove them.

Did I enjoy it?  Yes it was full of characters who were people I looked up to as I was growing up.

What is with the title of the review?  For two big men they were extremely graceful but while they were sports heroes because of the color of their skin they were subjected to some terrible conditions and vile epithets and treated as second class citizens.


Which Doctor?

Shada, Doctor Who, The Lost Adventure by Douglas Adams by Gareth Roberts; 2012: $26.95: 385 pages; Ace Books, New York, NY; 978-0-425-25998-6; checked out from Multnomah County Library, Gresham; 3/16/15-3/17/15

I am not a huge fan of Doctor Who, but have a son who is.  He wanted us both to read this.  It is a fun romp through the world of the Doctor involving time travel, a bio mechanical dog, Oxford University, a megalomaniac villain who wants to remake the universe and lots of sci-fi stuff liberally sprinkled with humor.

Did I enjoy it?  Yes, I don’t know if I would read anymore unless someone specifically asked me to.  Even though I am not a big fan of the series I had enough familiarity to understand most of what was going on.


What is with the title of the review?  Since there have been several Doctors I wasn’t sure which one this was until there was a description of the doctor’s appearance.



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